What is the Global Union?

The answer to this question is in our book:

Who's Who of the Elite

Members of the: Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations,

& Trilateral Commission


Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.


The Global Union

The old "NEW WORLD ORDER" is dead. The new "GLOBAL UNION" is very much alive and kicking.

In this context, I define the Elite as anyone who is now, or who has ever been a member of the Bilderbergs (BB), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and/or Trilateral Commission (TC).

The worldwide Elite oligarchy has decided that the public is "on-to-them" when they use the term "New World Order", so they have changed the code words to "GLOBAL". When you hear them use such terms as Global market, Global architecture, Global economy, Global village, Global interests, Global neighborhood, Global movement, Global needs, and the like, you can substitute the old code name of New World Order, and you will know that they are still talking about the secret cabal that is trying to dominate economic and political control of the ENTIRE world.

The name of the European Economic Community (EEC) was changed to the new name of EUROPEAN UNION (EU), as agreed to in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty. This EU now has one central bank in Frankfurt, Germany, one monetary system (except for three holdout nations), one judicial system, one government, and are working on one military force so that they can abandon the current NATO force. Their present goal for changing the name of North, Central and South America, plus the Caribbean Islands to the new name - AMERICAN UNION - is the year 2005, which is just around the corner of time.

Vice President Dick Cheney verified that they are on schedule when he spoke to the Council of the Americas (COTA) May 6, 2002. David Rockefeller, founder and Honorary Chairman of the COTA, thanked Cheney for his remarks at the end of his speach. During his talk, Cheney said that everything is on schedule for the completion of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) by January, 2005. (His speech was filmed by C-SPAN.) The FTAA will become the American Union at this time, and there will no longer be a Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect us from our government. The old "Fast Track Legislative procedure" has been renamed after it lapsed in 1994, and was defeated again in Congress September 28, 1998, and is now called "Trade Promotion Authority" (TPA). The U.S. House of Representatives has already approved TPA during December, 2001 by a vote of 215 vs 214. In June of 2002, the House appointed conferees. In May, the Senate passed TPA legislation with a strong bipartisan vote of 66-30, and in July, appointed its conferees. The conference has begun. In addition to TPA, the conference will address differences in the House and Senate bills on the Andean Trade Preference Act (ATPA), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), and Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) programs. On July 8, 2002, the President urged Congress to send trade promotion authority (TPA) legislation to his desk before going home for the August recess.

One of the milestones of completing the American Union will be to outlaw private ownership of firearms by the U.S. citizens. The Elite know that when they finally tell the Americans that they must turn in their arms, that the Militias will very quickly be reconstituted all across the nation in protest to this move. To prepare for this confrontation, the Elite have created the new Office of Homeland Security, not to protect us from terrorists, but to try to control the Militias once they are stirred up about gun confiscation. They have already established concentration camps on military bases in almost every state, in preparation for confining resisters to the transition to the American Union.

They will then change the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) (Created by President George H.W. Bush in 1989) to its new name - ASIAN UNION, by around 2010. During this same period, the former SOVIET UNION will be resurrected, but this time not under hard line Communist control, but under the direct and absolute control of the Elite. Then by around the year 2015 (or sooner), the governing body over all these four GLOBAL REGIONS will assume full command, and will be called the - GLOBAL UNION (or perhaps another name will be used by then). By this time, national sovereignty of all nations will be lost completely, and we will all be under strict Elite control. Then, there will be only two classes of people - the Elite, and the rest of us - their slaves. You can verify this by reading the United Nations document titled "OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD, A Report of the Commission on Global Governance", published in 1995, by Oxford University Press (this book is available through your local bookstore).

"Who's Who of the Elite" is designed to inform the general public about the Elite. Many Americans hear the news about the state of the world today and wonder, "What's going wrong? What's happening here? I don't feel that I'm in control of anything anymore." There are some that are aware of what's happening, but millions more would be shocked to learn the truth. The answers are slowly emerging. This book tells you everything that you need to know about what's going wrong, and what is happening here, and all over the world as well. In it, you will find complete lists of names of the very people who are in control of what's going on. These are the wheelers and dealers of the biggest stock of all; peoples' lives. With this book, you can better arm yourself with the knowledge that has awakened thousands of other people wondering about the same things that you are.

"Who's Who of the Elite" is the book "they" don't want you to see. This is the information "they" don't want you to know. Many books will tell you the truth, but no other book condenses it all together in one source like this one does. It gives a brief history of the Bilderbergs (BB), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and Trilateral Commission (TC). It lists the members by name, secret organizations that they belong to, their "day job" title and their affiliation. It then sorts these members by affiliation to reveal the stranglehold that they have over our federal government, banks, news media, industry, universities, think tanks, financial institutions, labor unions, and many others. It also gives the real current facts about the true ownership of the Federal Reserve System.

Why Should We Care?

Even though these Elite organizations go to a lot of effort and expense to remain secret, the word seems to get out anyway. There have been dozens of very good books written since the beginning of this century on this subject, but they remain rather obscure, because the Elite conspire to suppress them.

The BB's are the most secretive of the three. When the BB's meet, they clear out all people in the buildings where they are to meet, they completely de-bug all the rooms, bring in their own cooks, waiters, housekeepers, heavily armed security guards, etc., and they do not allow outsiders anywhere near the meeting place just before, during, and immediately after they meet. These very powerful people do not meet to discuss the latest recipe for blueberry pancakes, or the melting rate of snow at the South Pole. When they meet, they more than likely discuss and decide:

Wars - They decide when wars should start, how long they should last, when they should end, who will and will not participate, the changes in boundaries of countries resulting from the outcome of these wars, who will lend the money to support the war efforts, and who will lend the money to rebuild the countries after they have been destroyed by war.

Money - They own the central banks, such as the Federal Reserve System in the US, and similar organizations in all major countries throughout the world, and therefore are in a position to determine discount rates, prime rates, money supply levels, the prices of gold and other precious metals, and very tightly control who and/or what countries should receive loans (guaranteed by the taxpayers of the respective countries, or if that fails, the taxpayers of the US will pay the bills). If they are successful in loaning money to various nations, the International bankers pocket the profits. If their loans fail, the taxpayers foot the bill. When they say in the mainstream news media that the US has bailed out Russia, Mexico, Southeast Asian nations, or the like, what they REALLY mean is that the money never left the US, it was just sent to the International bankers on Wall Street who made the loans that failed.

Governments - They decide who will be allowed to run for the offices of President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Governor General, or other names applied to the leaders of all major countries around the world. For example; Bill Clinton attended the 1991 BB meeting in Baden Baden, Germany, so that he could be vetted by the Elite to become the 1992 US president. Tony Blair attended the 1993 BB meeting in Vouliagmeni, Greece, so that he could be grilled by the Elite before becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain, and on and on.

Stocks, Bonds, & Commodities - Since the Elite own the major banks and the Central banks, they know exactly what interest rates and money supply levels will be, so it is very likely that they regularly run these exchanges up and down to their financial gain.

News and other information - They directly, or indirectly own all the major news media, and can therefore tell the public exactly what they want them to hear, and deny the public the information they do not want them to see, hear or read. For example; the House of Rothschild bought Routers news service in the 1800's. Within the last 20 years, Routers bought the Associated Press. Now the Elite own the two largest wire services in the world, where most newspapers get their news.

Wages and salaries - They directly or indirectly own all the major banks, businesses, industries, and the like, and therefore can suppress wages and salaries by either shipping the production jobs to the cheapest labor rates around the world, by importing the technical specialists from the cheapest countries around the world, and by employing mostly temporary and/or part time workers in their home countries. The labor unions do not resist such efforts, because the labor leaders are members of the Elite as well.

I don't know about you, but these above activities seriously concern me, because my children and grandchildren will suffer many times greater than we do today under the control of these EVIL MONSTERS (I have tried to find worse terms for them, but this is the best that I can think of to describe them). My ancestors finally decided to leave Ireland for the New World in 1772 because of economic suppression. The absentee landlords and money merchants had raised the rents on the tenant farmers of Ireland three times in just one year, and the farmers could no longer afford to ply their trade. These brave people risked their lives in this new undeveloped land rather than continue to be persecuted by the Elite of that period. The writers of our Constitution took great care in drafting this fine document so as to protect us from Elite domination. We are again being conquered by the Elite in ever increasing ways and I, for one, have had enough. The best way to stop this cabal's efforts is "SUNSHINE". Who's Who of the Elite is my spotlight on this grand conspiracy. So, if you want answers to your questions about who is really in charge, this book will open your eyes.

Can The Elite be Stopped?

"Yes, they can be stopped." But only if everyone works very hard at the solutions, for nothing happens on its own, and apathy is NOT the answer.

However, violent efforts are inappropriate because: (1) It is wrong to break our laws. (2) Many innocent people will be killed or wounded, and their property destroyed. (3) The Elite control our courts, the Pentagon, the U.N., NATO, N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., B.A.T.F., our Senate and House of Representatives, and directly, or indirectly control all local law enforcement agencies.

All efforts to stop the Elite must be legal, such as:

1. Everyone must go to the poles in each election, and vote for their independent party candidates of choice.

2. No Independent party has enough money to defeat the Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, we must organize a Third Party Convention to be held soon enough before the 2004 presidential elections to allow for full participation of all third parties.

3. Two months before the first Republican or Democrat Convention, each third party should offer their best candidate for President. One month should be spent by these candidates presenting their case to the public. The next month should provide a Third Party Convention and debate between all independent candidates who seek the office of president. All of these candidates names should then appear on the ballot at the primary elections held by the Democrats and Republicans. The top three candidates should then spend a month telling the people why they should be the party candidate. A run-off election should then be held with the top vote receiver becoming the party candidate for president and the second highest to become the candidate for vice president, with their names placed on the general election ballots in November of 2004.

4. The candidates for president that did not win should immediately file for either a Senate of House of Representatives race that they are eligible to participate in.

5. There should be an Independent Party candidate for every local, state and federal election position.

6. Once the independents have gained control of our city, state and federal governments, perhaps that is the time to eliminate the party system completely.

7. Every state that does not now have the right, should petition their state legislature for Initiative, Referendum and Recall rights.

8. Once each state has Initiative, Referendum and Recall rights, then petitions should be presented to demand the following:

A. Every candidate for public office should run on their own efforts and merits, with financing only from individuals who have resided for at least 5 years in the district or area that they propose to represent. Violation of the new campaign financing proposal should be a felony with stiff monetary fines and jail time for the convicted offenders.

B. All elections must be reduced to two months for the primary and one month for the general elections, and all voting must be on a Saturday and Sunday.

C. All votes should be on paper ballots and should be counted by precinct Citizens Oversight Committees. The last place on each list of candidates on the ballots must be "NONE OF THE ABOVE", and if this is selected by a majority of the voters, a new slate of candidates must be submitted for vote, until one candidate receives 50% + one vote of all the votes cast.

D. The Electoral College must be eliminated entirely with the President and Vice President elected by popular vote only.

E. All this should be accomplished by a Constitutional Amendment approved by both houses of Congress and ratified by 38 states.

F. Constitutional Amendments should not be done by a Constitutional Convention, because the Elite would take charge of the convention, and our Constitution would be eliminated, or changed so drastically that it would be unrecognizable.

G. State and federal laws should be passed prohibiting anyone from being appointed, elected or otherwise employed in any public office or position that has been a member of any secret organization for the previous five years, including the Klu Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Islamic Jihad, Red Brigade, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Club, Council on Foreign Relations, and/or Trilateral Commission. These laws should exclude the typical "grandfather" clauses, so that once these laws are passed, anyone who meets this definition must resign immediately. If anyone wanted to belong to these groups and hold public office, then these organizations must change their rules so that every meeting, including board of director's meetings, must be opened up to attendance by the public and the press, with two weeks advance notice published in the local press stating the date, time, and place of all meetings, along with the agendas of all meetings.

H. The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed, and the exclusive right to create money and credit must be restored to the Congress and US Treasury Department, as stipulated in the US Constitution.

I. The present practice of "fractional reserve" banking requiring only 10% reserves for banks to make loans should be eliminated. Within a one year period, this rate must be raised to 100% reserves. Without this change, banks would continue to have the ability to create money and credit, which should be exclusively reserved for the Congress and Treasury Department.

J. The US national debt should be completely eliminated by a one-time exchange of non-interest bearing Treasury Notes for all of the outstanding interest bearing Treasury Bonds.

K. The Treasury Department should be designated as the sole lender to all states, counties and municipalities for capital projects that are now financed by municipal bonds, and the like. The rate charged for these loans should be fixed by law at 3%.

L. The Treasury Department should offer loans to banks at the fixed rate of 3% on the condition that they must not add more than 5% of true annual interest to the loans to any borrower of these funds. Violation of this requirement must be a felony with stiff monetary fines and jail time penalties for violating this provision, with the fines and jail time being given to the chief executive officer of the erring bank. Both houses of Congress should be allowed to change this interest rate if 80% of those "eligible" to vote on the change, vote in the affirmative. Any changes to this rate must only be in effect for 365 days, when it would automatically revert to 3% again.

M. Inflation should not be controlled by varying interest rates, but by varying the supply of money and credit.

N. The Internal Revenue Act should be revoked because it is severely regressive, is extremely complicated, and all federal taxes be raised by No. 10 envelope size tax returns which addresses all income and the sale of all property. The tax rates should be progressive with anyone who is legally eligible to receives welfare should be exempt, and the progressive rate starting at 2% and rise to 40% for the highest income levels. All property sold should be taxed at a progressive rate based on the length of time that it is held, with less than six months charged a rate of 33%, and over seven years a rate of 0%.

O. Every law passed by Congress must first pass the test of the Constitution. If the proposed bill is not specifically allowed by the Constitution, it becomes null and void. If it is sufficiently important to pass a new law that fails the Constitutional test, amend the Constitution.

P. Every bill submitted for approval by both houses of Congress must be single issue bills, and must not contain any amendments that are not clearly and specifically related to the proposed bill.

Q. All bills proposed that require increases or decreases in taxes, or other revenue streams must be approved by at least 80% of all those eligible to vote on the bill in both houses of Congress.

This is just a start on needed changes, but if enacted, we will again have government by and for the people.

Winston Churchill one said:

"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

What will happen after the year 2000?

1. Since Clinton won the 1996 election for president (with just 24% of the eligible votes, and 31.9% of the registered voters), you can expect rapid and numerous changes prior to the 2000 elections. By law, he cannot run for the office of president again, so he will not have to check with focus groups or news media polls to decide what to do to be re-elected again. This means that the Elite will be counting on him to accomplish their goals and objectives during his lame-duck term. Most of the appointed positions in Clinton's remaining administration will be filled by the Elite. They do not need to spend their money to lobby our public officials, because they own them, lock, stock and barrel.

(Clinton allowed himself to be distracted by sex with an intern and others, and failed in many of his assigned tasks.)

2. N.A.F.T.A. will be rapidly expanded. Chile will be the next nation included, then Argentina, then Brazil, and then the rest will join in rapid succession, because their goal is to create the AMERICAN UNION by the year 2005, and much is to be done in order to reach this goal. During the second week of October, 1997, Clinton toured South American countries preparing them for the Union of the Americas, or American Union.

3. Starting in mid-2000, thousands of unsafe Mexican trucks, with triple trailers, and with Mexican drivers were scheduled to flood over the border, and travel all over the US and Canada, as stipulated in N.A.F.T.A. This is how the Elite transport their illegal drugs into this country, and they must drug the citizens into submission in order to take control. The Elite owned banks, such as Chase, Citibank, Morgan Guarantee Trust, American Express, and others launder their drug money through their branches in Mexico, so expect the flow of drugs and laundered money to greatly increase. Billions of dollars will be spent on an enlarged NAFTA highways between Mexico and Canada. As these trucks cross the border, few will be stopped and inspected, so massive amounts of illegal drugs will freely fan out over the United States. (Luckily, this was postponed, but will happen within the next couple of years.)

4. The C.I.A., F.B.I. and B.A.T.F. will secretly stage numerous bombings and public threats in order to give the president the excuse to declare Marshall Law, and to outlaw private ownership of personal firearms. They will have great difficulty taking over completely as long as the citizens are so well armed. Clinton and past presidents have signed Executive Orders instructing F.E.M.A. to take over absolute control of every critical function in this nation. The president has exclusive authority to declare Marshall Law under severe economic conditions or critical national security reasons. The killer is that the president is the only one authorized to make this determination, and when it happens, we will be immediately under control of a Dictatorship rather than a Constitutional Republic. One very probable severe economic condition that could trigger Marshall Law is very likely to be another Federal Reserve System imposed depression, exactly as they did in the 1929 crash. (The Trade Center and Pentagon air liner crashes are just one more example.)

5. The de-industrialization of the United States will accelerate, which will cause jobs to be scarce, incomes to drop, more homeless people on the streets and on welfare, and crime to grow rapidly, because the unemployed people will do whatever is necessary to survive.

6. Illegal and legal immigration will climb to new heights, so as to increase the demand for jobs, as the number of jobs available decline rapidly due to de-industrialization. The purpose is to completely eliminate the middle-class in the US. The Elite of the Soviet Union could not install communism in their union 70 years ago as long as there was a middle class. The answer was that Joseph Stalin murdered somewhere between 28 and 66 millions of the middle-class citizens in the USSR, with the resulting creation of a two-class system, the Elite and the peasants. We are headed for the same results in this country without the Elite having to fire a single shot.

7. There is a steady movement to require all those on welfare to get a job within the next two years, or lose all benefits. This will cause riots, and social unrest will increase rapidly during the next four years due to the above, which is just what the Elite want to happen, so that they can be justified in the outlawing of personal firearms, and the unrest will be one of the excuses used to declare Marshall Law. The end result will be a US Dictatorship. Will our new Dictator be Bill Clinton or Al Gore? Not likely. The best bet is that they will be forced from office, and possibly indited on a number of charges. The best bet is Gov. George W. Bush, who is now backed by the Elite to become the next president. (I couldn't have called this one any closer.) Possibly, unless he is also indited, as well. Madeline Albright cannot move up to president because she is not a natural born citizen of the US. It could be someone like Jay Rockefeller!!!! Stay tuned. Nelson A. Rockefeller almost made it by devious means, when the Elite manipulated Congress to change the order of succession by passing the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. Fate took his life before he made it into the White House. Is it now Jay's turn to make his play for the office of DICTATOR???? And, reporting directly to the Czar of the Global Union, his brother, David Rockefeller!!!!!

Troubled times are just ahead.

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." - Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberg meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992. Transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.



(author unknown)

I had a dream the other night I didn't understand,

A figure walking through the mist, with flintlock in his hand.

His clothes were torn and dirty, as he stood there by my bed,

He took off his three-cornered hat, and speaking low he said:


We fought a revolution to secure our liberty,

We wrote the Constitution, as a shield from tyranny.

For future generations, this legacy we gave,

In this, the land of the free and home of the brave.


The freedom we secured for you, we hoped you'd always keep,

But tyrants labored endlessly while your parents were asleep.

Your freedom gone - your courage lost - you're no more than a slave,

In this, the land of the free and the home of the brave.


You buy permits to travel, and permits to own a gun,

Permits to start a business, or to build a place for one.

On land that you believe you own, you pay a yearly rent,

Although you have no voice in choosing how the money's spent.


Your children must attend a school that doesn't educate,

Your moral values can't be taught, according to the state.

You read about the current "news" in a very biased press,

You pay a tax you do not owe, to please the IRS.


Your money is no longer made of silver or of gold,

You trade your wealth for paper, so life can be controlled.

You pay for crimes that make our Nation turn from God to shame,

You've taken Satin's number, as you've traded in your name.


You've given government control to those who do you harm,

So they can padlock churches, and steal the family farm.

And keep our country deep in debt, put men of God in jail,

Harass your fellow countryman while corrupted courts prevail.


Your public servants don't uphold the solemn oath they're sworn,

Your daughters visit doctors so children won't be born.

Your leaders ship artillery and guns to foreign shores,

And send your sons to slaughter, fighting other people's wars.


Can you regain your Freedom for which we fought and died?

Or don't you have the courage, or the faith to stand with pride?

Are there no more values for which you'll fight to save?

Or do you wish your children live in fear and be a slave?


Sons of the Republic, arise and take a stand!

Defend the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land!

Preserve our Republic, and each God-given right!

And pray to God to keep the torch of freedom burning bright!


As I awoke he vanished, in the mist from whence he came,

His words were true, we are not free, and we have ourselves to blame.

For even now as tyrants trample each God-given right,

We only watch and tremble -- too afraid to stand and fight.

If he stood by your bedside in a dream while you're asleep,

And wonder what remains of your right he fought to keep.

What would be your answer if he called out from the grave?

Is this still the land of the free and home of the brave?



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