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The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell The People, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK, & MLK, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

Federal Reserve Conspiracy, by Antony C. Sutton

Texas in the Morning, by Madeleine Duncan Brown

The International Jew by Henry Hord, Sr.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, by Victor E. Marsden

The End of the United States of America, by Meria Heller

Secret Societies

Who's Who of the Elite, by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

America's Secret Establishment, by Antony C. Sutton books

The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, by Antony C. Sutton

Billie Sol Estes, (Biography) by Pamela Estes

Science Fiction

Friends of the Ezekiens, by Cecil Ross